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Custom Foot Orthotics & Footwear
Medical Compression Stockings

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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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Combining the TOG GaitScan with 3D foam casting is the most technologically advanced
diagnostic tool for foot problems available to health-care professionals & patients.

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'Preferred' Provider for Green Shield &
WSIB Low Back, Upper & Lower Extremity
Programs of Care

Employee Benefit Plans cover chiropractic fees from the first visit.
If your Employee Benefits Plan has provisions for chiropractic care you should be fully
Check your benefits package or ask your employer about extended coverage

X-Ray Referral to Digital/filmless Radiology Centre

Reduced total patient exposure
X-rays fully-covered by OHIP
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All Canadian CMCC Graduates

(519) 969-2920  
South Windsor Chiropractic  
1490 Cabana Rd. West  
Windsor, ON. N9G 1C4

  We offer treatment for numerous conditions including:

Neck and Arm Pain,
Low Back Pain,
Athletic Injuries,
Knee & Foot Pain.

  On-site supply of high quality vitamins, ergonomic back supports and hot/cold packs.
Exercise Rehab programs are designed and provided for you.

es (Patient Portion)

Adult Fees 
Initial Visit (Consultation)  $60.00 
Subsequent Treatment  $40.00 
Senior/Student Fees 
Initial Visit (Consultation)  $60.00 
Subsequent Treatment  $35.00 

Clinic Location

Our office is located at 1490 Cabana Rd. West.
We are easily accessible from both Huron Church Rd. & Dougall Ave.
There is plenty of free parking and we are wheelchair accessible.
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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is the second-largest licensed healing profession in the world.
The combination of science, art, philosophy and clinical experience has created
an enduring foundation for a unique approach in health care.

Our purpose:
Optimize patient health;
Provide the highest quality care;
Work in cooperation with all other health care professionals .

Patient Care

The best care for you is based on a Diagnosis ...a recognition of the nature and causes of your complaints.
Patient history, physical examination, radiographic procedures and referrals are utilized.
Most patients require joint manipulation for problems of the spinal column and extremities with any related neurologic or body system function manifestations.
Modalities, supports, vitamins & orthotics may be utilized.
Our habits of living and the environment profoundly affect our health.
Health Promotion requires active patient involvement for postural improvement, appropriate exercise and diet modification

What Should You Do If You Hurt Your Back?

We suggest you see a chiropractor and/or medical physician as soon as possible to determine the best treatment.


Current Clinical Studies

 Click for article:

Journal Of Human Hypertension 21, 347-352 Mar 2, 2007

JAMA 2013;309(16):1738

Further Clinical Studies

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  Chiropractic in the Health Care System

Practice of the Profession in Canada
Every province in Canada has its own Chiropractic Act governing the practice of the profession. Chiropractic is a self-governing profession, each provincial regulatory body having the authority to grant a licence to practise chiropractic. The self-disciplining and regulatory process includes extensive testing, peer review programs, continuing education requirements and the disciplining of practitioners who fail to meet recognized standards of provincial licensing bodies.
  In all provinces, requirements include:
1) completion of a minimum of three years at a university in Canada, or its equivalent.
    A majority of applicants possess a university degree when applying.
2) graduation from a four year professional degree accredited chiropractic program,
3) passing scores on National Examinations administered by the Canadian Chiropractic
    Examining Board, and
4) passing scores on Provincial Licensing Examinations .
A New Partnership: Chiropractors and Physicians
There is a growing trend towards cooperation between medical physicians and chiropractors.
Evidence of this is shown, for example,
in the increasing number of medical
and chiropractic practices in the same health centres,
with close cooperation, referral and sometimes full and formal partnership.
As more physicians recognize chiropractic's valuable place in the health care system,
the trend towards chiropractic referral is expected to continue to grow


  What is the Difference Between Physicians and Chiropractors?
It's similar to the difference between a physician and a dentist: they are
different professions within the health care spectrum.

Both chiropractors and medical physicians are legally entitled to use the title "doctor".
As the appellation
means "Doctor of Medicine", so DC means "Doctor of Chiropractic".

Click for an excerpt from the Ontario Health Professions Act, Section 33

The role of chiropractic is complementary to other areas of primary health care. Chiropractic is not, for example, a replacement for medical care. Recognition by health science that many illnesses of our modern society are lifestyle based has shown us that we, as individuals, can influence our own health and well being. Many people, therefore, welcome chiropractic's emphasis on preventative measures to optimize health and well-being.


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